Welcome to the Arbor Alumni Association!

Ms. Mandi Lester receives Volunteer of the Year Award on behalf of Ms. Sandy Lins from Mr. Reggie White, Alumni President

Welcome to the Arbor Alumni Association.  One of the great things about Arbor is that, while you may leave and embark on other journeys of a long, interesting life, Arbor never leaves you. You are – and always will be – a part of Arbor. And as such, you have a place with the Arbor Alumni Association.  We hope you will continue your involvement as a proud Arbor alumnus and participant in the alumni association as we enter our eleventh year. Membership in the Arbor College Alumni Association is all about school pride. As alumni, our purpose for staying involved should be to continue to find ways to be useful in furthering the school’s goals and mission, to stay connected with our fellow classmates and to help nurture and encourage future generations of massage therapists. All Arbor College-School of Massage graduates and former students are automatically regular members of the Arbor Alumni Association. To become an active member simply click the here, answer a few basic questions and pay your dues. Remember, only active members have voting privileges and receive discount benefits.Commit to the Arbor Way and find your niche as a graduate of one of the country’s the best massage and bodywork school in the country! #ArborProud