The Alumni Association-Board of Advisors serves as a liaison between alumni and school administration to provide input on alumni issues and activities, such as reunions, homecoming, and event planning, and leading alumni in honoring the achievements of fellow alumni.  As a reflection of the alumni body, the board provides the school with insights into alumni sentiment on various issues concerning the school and its programs.  The work of the Board of Advisors is primarily engagement, advocacy, and governance.  With the exception of the Alumni Liaison, the remaining board is appointed by the president to two (2) year terms.  By getting involved, alumni become involved in the decisions that affect the life of the school and the experiences of both current students and fellow alumni.  They join a collective voice to shape the future of Arbor.

John Scott | 2018
President John Scott | 2018
Susan Gilliam | 2016
Vice-President Susan Gilliam | 2016
Jeryd Bolden-Greer | 2016
Faculty Liaison Jeryd Bolden-Greer | 2016